These are the current committees within the MSG. Do you also want to participate in one of them? Send an email to the board!

Hok Committee (mail)

The main sport at the MSG is the trial sport. For this, we have our own trial bikes, of which we do the maintenance ourselves at the Hok of the MSG. In addition, most members have their own motorcycle that is usually older than themselves and these motorcycles certainly don’t always run without some tinkering.

To give the club and its members the opportunity to do some maintenance and tinkering, we have the Hok. The Hok is also the meeting place for the club eveninings also called ‘hokavonden’. Not only the motorcycles need maintenance, but also the workshop itself. For this, we have the Hok Committee.

The Hok Committee consists of a number of members who are happy to commit themselves to the Hok and who want to have some insight into decisions that are made. Meetings are held approximately once every 2 months to discuss what is needed, to see if anything needs to be replaced or to realise new suggestions.

So would you like to be a part of this? Then you can send a mail to for more information.

ICT Committee (mail)

The MSG ICT Committee is responsible for everything related to ICT within the MSG. This includes the website, emails, storage, data backups and much more. Our goal is to automate as much as possible so that we don’t have to do anything ourselves. So far this has not worked 🙁 . Working on IT. If you have any questions or if you want to help us, please contact us!

Ivo and Rick

Evenementen Committee (mail)

As the name suggests, the Events Committee is responsible for the organization of all MSG events. The group is led by the EvCo (Event-Commissioner) and together it is ensured that all activities are planned and arranged. This can vary from a tour, party, camping event to an information evening.

If you are interested you can send an email to

Lustrum Committee (mail)

The lustrum Committee is responsible for organizing our five-yearly birthday party. This is of course accompanied by a lot of great activities during the lustrum weekend. After the day’s programme, the barrels are opened and the bonfires blaze higher than at Easter in Twente. Would you like to contribute to this or do you just have cool ideas, then we can be reached at!

Promo Committee (mail)

The Promo Committee, or PromoCie, is responsible for all promotional activities within and outside the MSG. The PromoCie’s range of duties is broad and includes designing clothing, stickers, promoting club activities and more. Taking photos during events and posting on social media Facebook and Instagram is also done by the PromoCie. The committee has on average five to ten members who are creative and handy with graphic design, multimedia or with something else. If you have any questions for the PromoCie, please contact us.

Trial Committee (mail) / Motorsport Committee (mail)

The Trial Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the trial bikes and for arranging the trial training of the MSG. The group is led by the MoCo. In close cooperation with the trainers and members, it is ensured that the condition of the trial bikes is optimal and that the training sessions run smoothly. The Trial Committee is also responsible for matters such as the maintenance of the MSG bus, which transports the bikes to the trial track.

Regiotrial Committee (mail)

The Regionaltrial Committee is a subcommittee of the Trial Committee and once a year it arranges everything around the regional trial competition.

Kas Committee  (mail)

The Kas Committee, or KaCo, is a committee that checks and gives advice on the financial administration of the association. We provide advice on the performed accounting and the state of affairs, through controls of the accounting, the inventories and the liquidity.

This advice is addressed to the members of our association. Although in practice you will also advise the treasurer if there are questions, after all, a lot can happen in a year!

We meet at least 1 time, before the GMM, but we prefer to meet 2 times or more to check the accounts.
The Kas committee is not only for ex-treasurers but also for members with interest.

Klepredactie (mail)

The klepredactie is responsible for publishing the club magazine ‘de Klelichter’. This group of editors makes the content of the magazine and takes care of the design and layout. In order to prevent the editors from having to fill in the entire magazine themselves, almost anything is allowed to “motivate” members or the board to fill in (the promised) magazine. You can think of pieces about motorcycling, camping, a women’s column, a cooking column and a word from the chairman. To give an impression, click here click here to view our latest edition!