Moto Gymkhana

One can also practice Moto Gymkhana at the MSG, a motorsport that originated in Japan. It’s similar to your first driving lessons, but will take you way beyond where you probably left off with your exam. You’ll come across several exercises that you’ve done before, slaloms, eights, rotations, but now you try to ride these as fast and as tight as possible.

As a sport it’s excellent for becoming more confident on the bike, and it becomes more and more addictive the better you get.

Moto Gymkhana at the Motorsportgroep:

Weather permitting, a training session is organized once every 1-2 weeks, but more last-minute sessions are always possible too. All you need is an empty parking lot, some cones and a motorcycle.
On top of that, MSG has a dedicated motorcycle for gymkhana that can be used by members who do not (yet) have their own bike or don’t yet trust themselves with it.

Due to the use of a public area and to guarantee the safety for other members who train with us, it is mandatory to be in possession of a valid A2 motorcycle license.


Trainings are planned and announced in the MSG WhatsApp group. They usually take place on sunday afternoon, but other days are possible as well.


During the year, MSG participates in the online World Competition of A small exercise is published on this every month, after which you have until the 19th of the month to submit your own time with an online video. A fun way to participate in a relatively unknown sport worldwide with more enthusiasts.

Contact the MoCo for more information or a no-obligation introduction to Moto Gymkhana.