Wrenching Course 2023/2024

Like every year, MSG is organizing a wrenching course where we, over the course of six evenings, tackle just about everything there is to know about motorcycle maintenance. Here you can learn how to work on motorcycles, and directly apply your new knowledge to your own bike, all in the luxury of the MSG’s very own workshop!

The course consists of six wednesday evenings, each one with a different focus and ending with putting theory into practice. The first of these will take place on November 22nd. Costs are a measly €10,- Due to a limited number of available slots, we can’t guarantee everyone a place (although this hasn’t been a problem the last few years). You’ll receive an email with additional information as soon as registrations close. Signing up is possible untill November 22nd 18:00.

Have you always wanted to become more comfortable with working on bikes or to lean more about how to keep yours running well? Do you have a motorcycle but are you not yet comfortable with working on it? Or have you been putting off that maintenance because you don’t know where to begin? Don’t hesitate to sign up!

The wrenching course consists of the following lessons:

  • November 22nd: General maintenance
  • November 29th: Brakes
  • December 6th: Fuel systems
  • December 13th: Valve clearences and adjustments
  • December 20th: Electronics
  • January 3rd: Elective wrenching (welding, tires, etc.)

Questions? Contact the board or hoco@msg.utwente.nl