The Trialsport is a motorsport that revolves around agility and skill. You drive around a challenging track on a trial bike and try not to touch the ground with your feet. Quite a task when you consider that (part of) the track is shown below! For this sport it is not necessary to have a driver’s license, in fact, it can greatly increase the chance of obtaining one!

Trial at the Motorsportgroup:

The MSG organizes one or two weekly training sessions in the high season. Members can also trial outside of these training sessions. You must be in possession of a trial passport to do so, which you can request from the MoCo.
There are a few trial bikes available that can be used on the track. For safety reasons, you are not allowed to trial alone.

Training sessions:

Training sessions are announced via the MSG mailing list or MSG trial WhatsApp group. This is usually on a Tuesday afternoon/evening before the Hokavond, and often there are also opportunities to train on the weekends.


There is an internal competition that has the Regiotrial as its highlight. You compete in the yellow, red, blue or white class to win the main prize.

Contact the MoCo for more information or a no-obligation introduction to the Trialsport.