During the Kick-in

Where can you find us?

Opening fair – Wednesday 21st 09:00-15:30

Come see us at our stand during the opening fair! You’ll recognise us by a wide collection of motorcycles and an abundance of yellow. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and explain who we are, what MSG has to offer, how getting your license works, what internal combustion is, what it means to beun, etc. etc. etc.

Sport games – Saturday 24th 13:00-17:00

Try your hand at balancing on one of our trial bikes, and see how far you can throw a real crankshaft. Who can stay off the ground for longest?

Kick-out festival – Thursday 29th 14:30-20:00

Missed us at the opening fair, or joining the UT as a master student? Drop by our stand for a chat! We’ll again have some bikes on display and would be happy to answer any questions.

Intro activities

What’s there to do?

Open Hok Evening – 10 September

Every Tuesday evening at 20:00, MSG has its weekly ‘hok evening’ (hokavond), where we meet for a drink, some wrenching, and a lot of bike-related banter. Come visit our workshop (“het hok”), located underneath the stairs to the sports centre, and join us for a drink! The open hok evening is the perfect opportunity to talk to some members and find out more about wrenching and MSG. Snacks will be provided! The entrance is through the bicycle shed on the left side of the stairs. See you there!

Can’t make it the 10th? You’re always free to drop by on any other tuesday evening!

Intro trial – 11 September

Try out motorcycle trials at the MotorSportsGroup of the University of Twente and get to know this unique discipline of motorsports! No driving license or experience is needed. Open for all UT and Saxion students who are interested in becoming a member of the MotorSportsGroup.

During the intro training you can get to know the club, the trial terrain and the trial bikes of the MSG. This way you can experience for yourself if motorcycle trials suit you. A driving license or motorcycle experience is not needed. We will help you on your own level, even if you have never touched a moped or bike before.

The training takes place on Wednesday the 11th of September. There will be two training sessions that start off with instructions. The first session will start at 15:00 and the second one at 18:30. Please make sure to be on time.

Admittance is free! After both sessions hamburgers, beers and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. There will be enough time to meet the association and ask questions.

Only accessible for Students and staff members of the University of Twente and Saxion. Let us know you’ll be there by signing up below!

When: Wednesday 11th of September
Times: Session one from 15:00 till 18:00. Session two from 18:30 till 21:30
Where: trial-terrain (39) at ‘de Achterhorst’ on the University of Twente Campus (52°14’28.8″N 6°51’50.2″E)
What to wear: sturdy shoes and long trousers

Intro ride – 14 September

On Saturday the 14th of September the MSG organizes it’s yearly intro ride. If you want to join you will need to bring your own motorcycle, or tell us in time so we can find you a ride as pillion. The ride will start around 12:00 and will last for about 4 hours, including a coffee break. Want to join? Please sign up below!

When: Saturday 14th of September
Time: 11:45 till ~1600
Where: het hok, entrance sports centre
What to wear: full protective gear

Wrenching course – TBD

At the end of every year, MSG organises a wrenching course where we, over the course of six evenings, tackle just about everything there is to know about motorcycle maintenance. Here you can learn how to work on motorcycles, and directly apply your new knowledge to your own bike, all in the luxury of the MSG’s very own workshop! The exact dates of the wrenching course are not yet known, but will most likely fall around november-december.